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Salam LADC strives towards strengthening inter-community dialogue by building bridges between the Lebanese and Syrian communities, and assisting the most vulnerable – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation.


  • WEEK #39: Clothes – as far as the eye can reach!!

    Dear Friends of Salam
    Clothes – as far as the eye can reach!! Our warehouse got fully packed last week from floor to roof with clothes, shoes and other non-food items. We received a 20 foot container from Norway with useful non-food items for Salam LADC’s winter campaign. One might underestimate the man force and working hours needed to prepare such a huge container for further distribution! That said, lots of our volunteers spent many hours in the warehouse resorting and repacking all the items to get them ready for the distributions.

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  • Week #37: Gearing up for the Eid Al-Adha celebrations

    Business as usual for many of our other activities as we continued to provide education to settlements and individuals, while our medical case load continues to increase, and further coordination with other organizations opens up new opportunities to deliver on our development and communication objectives. We also had the great pleasure to host our friends from the UK Muslims In Need organisation and Qadir Ali Khan and MissRazia Anwar, as we geared up for the Eid Al-Adha celebrations in the Beqaa Valley

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  • Week #36: Largest aid distribution to date

    After a long period of planning and many hours of sorting, packing and distributing, this week saw the completion of Salam LADC's largest aid distribution to date. While this campaign was being carried out our usual activities continued unabated, and plans for additional educational programs coordinated with other NGOs in the region were also put in place.

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  • Week #35: Two 40ft containers cleared customs

    This week was record-breaking and ground-breaking in many ways! Not only did we have our biggest single food distribution to date, but our international partners delivered us two 40ft containers of non-food items (more than 30 tons!). All this was distributed to over two thousand Syrian and Lebanese families throughout the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon.

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  • Week #34: A group of teenage girls start English classes

    Constantly developing, Salam LADC’s activities are now being expanded to a broader – and older – public! As part of the CineMafiMushkila, we screened an Egyptian comedy for the greatest pleasure of both adults and children. Moreover, our team met with a group of teenage girls living in an informal refugee settlement who wish to have English lessons. The group of young women aged 15 to 20 are ready to start their classes this week.

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  • Weekly Updates

    Read about Salam LADC's activities on a weekly basis.

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We believe in the necessity of inner peace in every human being

Salam LADC was founded by Joseph Matta in 2006 as a response to the conflict with Israel, focusing on strengthening the dialogue between displaced people and their host communities. Over the years it has conducted many important projects, such as setting up libraries in prisons and enabling higher education to Syrian refugees (together with the Spark organization).

In January 2016, acknowledging the immense number of refugees in Lebanon (1/4 of the population), Igor Kubat and Martin Kvernbekk, who had previously volunteered in Europe, came to Lebanon in order to assess the situation. It did not take long until Joseph met with Martin and Igor and it became apparent that their agendas were aligned. As a consequence, they decided to merge Salam LADC with the Volunteering Lebanon network, creating Salam’s international platform.In March 2016, the amazing Laran Matta joined the team as the third core member of Salam’s international platform.

Salam LADC provides a platform for volunteers, grassroots initiatives, and private and institutional donors to coordinate their efforts towards assisting and empowering refugee and other vulnerable populations across Lebanon, whilst also serving as a link to the major local and international actors.

Our aim is to provide flexible, effective and non-bureaucratic assistance, which fills the gaps where refugees and local communities do not receive sufficient support, in light of the overwhelming need created by the Syrian refugee crisis.

We strive towards strengthening inter-community dialogue by building bridges between the Lebanese and Syrian communities, and assisting the most vulnerable – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation.


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