Aid Distribution

Providing agile, effective, and non-bureaucratic assistance, which fills the gaps where refugees and local communities do not receive sufficient support, in light of the overwhelming influx of displaced people onto the host community, present here in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.
Coordinate with: UNHCR, MSAs (NRC), Municipalities, MOSA
Food: In coordination with local wholesale dealers Salam LADC provides critical food packages to vulnerable beneficiaries. Materials are bought in bulk and packed by volunteers in our warehouse to increase quantity, and efficiency.
Non Food Items: As deemed necessary to the season and need of the community, items such as diapers, shoes, firewood and tent supplies are distributed. Assessments are made to determine the need of the settlement and in coordination with house to house assessments, to reach those refugees and vulnerable that are not predominantly targeted by other agencies.
Livestock: Enabling vulnerable families with the opportunity to be self sufficient by providing livestock, such as goats, sheep and chickens; to supplement their income and provide resources for their families.
Winterization: Focused on providing critical aid needed during the harshest period in Bekaa Valley. Working in coordination with the UNHCR winterization packages provided we aim to provide the items that are not made readily available and reach those families that are in need of supplies to combat the extreme weather.
Containers: With the scale of needs current in Lebanon, aid in bulk is needed. With the support of the MOSA we are able to exempt shipments of aid into the country and disperse the aid in coordination with them. With such large quantities of aid we are able to provide large amounts of beneficiaries with much needed aid, that otherwise may not receive aid assistance. We also aim to build contingency and emergency stocks that will enable other organisations and municipalities to react in times of need. An extensive network of international partners are working in collecting the contents and funding the transportation.