Providing supplemental education programs to help strengthen the limited education that is provided to Syrian refugees. Enabling eligible students to enter the public school system .Ensuring an education that is full encompassing and engaging. Assisting with the dissemination of information needed to enroll in school. In coordination with other local NGOs and iNGOs on educational actors we aim to refer the children to The Accelerated Learning Program and the Back to School Initiative through outreach in targeted communities.
ECC: Embedded Community Centers, funded by UNHCR and managed by INTERSOS our volunteers provide English language lessons while teaching basic literacy and numeracy. Situated within 4 settlements in which each settlement benefits from classes twice per week. Targeted class that reaches teenage women interested in learning English, as well as developmental seminars for refugees.
Play with Purpose: Equipping children with English language and other skills through interactive activities and games to prepare them to join the formal education system in Lebanon. Provided within settlements that have been assessed to have a need for further engagement.
Outreach: assessment and advocacy to get school aged children back into the public school system. Done in 2 ways, Back to School initiative, and ALP (Accelerated Learning Programs) taking kids that have been out of school for over 2 years and accelerating their learning to integrate them back into the public school system. In coordination with UNICEF, UNHCR and multiple other agents (Most iNGOs and a few local NGOs). Our volunteers carry out this advocacy in all interventions we do throughout Bekaa and are trained to use the referral pathway to efficiently get kids into the public schools and assistance as needed for transportation.
Bus Project: Supporting schools by providing additional educational tools and coordinating activities and health & social awareness training at the settlements. A bus equipped with a multitude of books, arts and crafts material, audio- & video equipment will go to the 11 designated schools in the Bekaa Valley and the 5 designated settlements. During national holiday festivities in the municipalities the bus will come to the festivities to create activities for Syrian and Lebanese children at these festivities. The number of festivals may vary per municipality but will include Easter - Eid al-Adha, Mother’s Day and Ramadan.