We strive towards strengthening inter-community dialogue and building bridges between the Lebanese and Syrian communities, and assisting the most vulnerable – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation. We strive towards creating cultural exchange, between all beneficiaries present and the international volunteers.
Coordinating partners: Cirquonciel, Zeitooneh and Basmeh, Humanwire, Swiss SDC
Community Dinner: The goal of this project is to bring together people from various backgrounds to cook and eat together. Enabling cultural exchange and companionship and strengthening inter-community dialogue. Ensuring a better understanding of each different culture and creating awareness.
Events: Through collaboration with other NGOs and partners events are implemented that enable social cohesion. Creating an opportunity for the community to come together and have a shared experience that can build bridges and destroy barriers.
Social Kitchen: Vocational training (making pastries and chocolates; meal service management) for women to acquire a know-how. As well as job creation for income generation and women’s empowerment. Self-financed through the profits generated by sales of social projects implemented by Salam for Syrian refugees and the most vulnerable Lebanese populations, in Beirut and the Bekaa.